The Body Positive Corner: Respect The Gut (As told by R. William Edwards)


I don’t remember there ever being a time when I didn’t love food. As an elementary school kid, I used to sneak into the kitchen, after everyone was upstairs for the night, to make sandwiches. As a middle school kid, I’d order large pizzas when no one was home &leave no evidence; like an assassin. I was,&still am, proud of that fact.

It wasn’t ‘til high school that insecurity related to my weight started being a problem. The trials of adolescence combined w/ environmental obstacles to self-knowledge caused me to see myself as inadequate. That warped view lasted well into adulthood &it wasn’t ‘til after an unrelated suicide attempt in 2003 that I began honestly evaluating my approach to life; mentally &physically. 

I’m 6’, 270lbs., &I have no plans to lose weight. The most I do’s focus on muscle training/toning ‘cause the world’s weird &I never know when I’ll have to slap the dogshit out of a dude; ….&I need to be in-shape,for that.

Being healthy is of primary importance; being healthy isn’t synonymous w/ being skinny or on a diet,though. Happiness is one of life’s primary objectives; basing our happiness upon how others perceive us is the easiest way to be unhappy,though.

Know yourself.
Live your life. 
Follow your light.



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